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All L.G.S.P. clients can avail themselves of GENEROUS discount from these sector departments. Types of Research Services include:    - production    - distribution    - planning and mobilization    - advertising    - business and market expansion.

1. Marketing Department
 Marketing today deals not only with the physical movement of goods and service but with consumer values. This department focuses not only on time and place, but also with customer convenience, peace of mind, brand enhancement, pride of ownership, product satisfaction, ease of storage and other considerations. All these things impact consumer desire and demand. The marketing department accommodates consumer satisfaction, which in turn profits the producer and the distributor. Services here are extended mostly to clients of L.G.S.P. Nos. 2 and 3.

2. Economic Consultation Department
 This department helps all clients to economize on labor, finance, taxation, wealth consumption, etc. Even in domestic households, families may wish guidance on items such as furniture, appliances and security systems, as well as higher-value items such as insurance choices. A household is a company, and all companies can benefit from strategies for transport, maintenance, benefits, loans, production resources, energy needs and quality-of-life items.

3. Accountancy (Audit) Department
 In today's world, every individual and entity practices accounting procedures. This department uses its technical skills to help interpret, communicate, measure and assess financial transactions and processes. It services every membership level.

4. Industrial Relations Department
 The world of high-functioning commerce demands that industrial relations needs be assessed and sometime redressed. Sound practices are essential to success, and labor-related policies in particular must seamless. A worthwhile business today must lead its employees towards their common goal. It includes communicating job importance, responsibilities and expectations. Here we help you win employee dedication in part through formal recognition of accomplishments and their personal goals and interests through assessments of ability, determination and mental/physical fitness.

Some results:
 (a) Employees produce better and more work at lower costs with less supervision.
 (b) Employees are retained because they thrive in a work environment that interests and satisfies them.
 (c) Customers benefit via reliably higher-quality, lower-cost goods and services.  Any member of The Company can obtain services from this department.
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Interactive Marketing intelligence and predictive market analysis to assist in decision support solutions to global retail organisations, Proactive data resources and Target Marketing: International business development Rethinking your business strategy.
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